Music is timeless when there is real emotion put into the music. That soulful connection you make with the music, to the point you feel like you and the artist behind the music share a special bond, through the artistry. That type of music is music that lasts forever due to the realness in it, that shines and the collective KIDSNOT$AINTS embody this with their new project “CAN BOYS HAVE DIARIES”. A four track eight minute project, that is filled with heartfelt writng, lush melodies, and warm singing that deliver in every way. Below is a review of their latest work.

I THINK I NEED HELP: The project starts off with a bright bedroom lo fi sound that has a bright feel to it, and the perfect contrast for the writing. On the surface it’s a breezy feel good record, but when you really hear the lyrics go deep with melancholic substance, that is delivered a vocal tone that shines in it’s ability to convey emotion with every note to make you feel it all in a real way

GIRLS WITH THE FILAS: “I love you down from your face to your Levis” The music slows down, while sonically pushing the project forward just right. The sound is reminiscent of work from Frank Ocean’s “Blond” with an artistic sound layered in heartfelt content, that is brought to life with a vocal performance that lets you hear them giving all that they got, and its more than enough.

AL’s INTERLUDE: A consistent feel in the project, is the writing in each record sounding like the most vulnerable thoughts being written down in a diary, and this one is a shining example of that. Bringing a bluesy acoustic production that gives you a quick soul sound that makes you wish you got to enjoy for a little bit longer.

CLOUD9: To finish the project it gives you everything you love from it’s predecessors to make one amazing finale. The singing is stronger than ever, with an undeniable presence that lets you feel the music more than ever. The production sounds like the funked out sequel to the interlude, and the writing dives deep to leave the world in awe as it all comes together just right.

KIDSNOT$AINTS “CAN BOYS HAVE DIARIES?” is a daring work of art full of raw emotion, and creativity to bring genius level display of music that you will cherish for time to come. The music thrives in the authenticity in the approach, with you feeling the realism in the music that bares itself to us all to connect to and enjoy, as we get all we could want and more.

Check out KIDSNOT$AINTS “CAN BOYS HAVE DIARIES?” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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