Aylin – Get Lost With Me

Aylin – Get Lost With Me

Music now more than ever is about the vibes of the music, and what other genre has the vibes like R&B music. A genre that has long been the music you play to let your mind run free, as you getaway for a moment to the music. That has always been a great appeal for the people, as you get to take in sweet melodies and smooth grooves. Aylin delivers a song true to tradition with the new song “Get Lost With Me”.

Aylin delivers the perfect love song for the times on the new fresh release “Get Lost With Me”. The sound catches you right away with a smoothness to the music, that makes you feel like you’re at the club vibing with someone you care about. With the feel seat Aylin delivers her impressive vocals that feel good to the soul to hear, as she brings the writing to life that narrates this story she brings to life in a major way, to catch the full scope of the artistry on display.

Aylin’s “Get Lost With Me” is a song that lives up to the title with a sound that makes you get lost in the music and hope to never come back. She truly masterful in her approach to give the people something with unlimited replay value, with each element of the song having that touch of soul to it that makes you feel the music to another level. Hit play now and enjoy this special sound from Aylin.

Check out Aylin “Get Lost With Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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