The Creepy Eepys – You’re Creepy

The Creepy Eepys – You’re Creepy

A big misconception in music is that creativity has to be sacrificed to make a song for the masses. That their can’t be room for innovation to shine on a large scale. The two worlds have space to coexist together, and there’s always a one of a kind talent, that fuses high class musicianship with a big sound that can transcends culture. The Creepy Eepys brings that right song with their new release “You’re Creepin”.

The Creepy Eepys deliver a breakout smash with their new record “You’re Creepin”. The aspect of the music that grabs you right away is the innovation in the music, that is daring it’s approach to make something that stands out in a real way. The sound is able to flourish completely, with presence and emotion in the vocal approach that helps bring the sound to life, as you are able to enjoy the perfect harmony of each sound complementing each other to the fullest.

The Creepy Eepys “You’re Creepin” is the perfect record to show how much an original sound is always appreciated, and can stand out now more than ever. It’s music that you hear creativity in, as it does it’s own thing to make a record full of appeal and vibes that anyone who hits play can enjoy more and more with each listen, on this complete work of art packed with indie vibes.

Check out The Creepy Eepys “You’re Creepin” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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