Kro – Sonder Sounds

Kro – Sonder Sounds

With so much music being out, it’s easy to find songs that have an enjoyable sound. Countless records fitting ones preference, it makes it tougher for an artist to stand out. To really operate yourself it’s important to put emotion in the music. That factor that not only makes you feel the music, but also a song you can keep coming back to because of the authentic connection you make with it. Kro brings that type of music and more on his new song “Sonder Sounds”.

Kro brings an amazing genre bending sound full of emotion on the new song “Sonder Sounds”. Kro shines in his ability to convey emotion and vulnerability to the music, that makes it resonate like no other. The writng is heartfelt and delivered to perfection, to make that intimate connection with the listener that lasts a lifetime. This all takes place over a production with nice Pop appeal to it, and knocking 808’s to give it that radio ready feel that wlll help it take off majorly.

Kro’s “Sonder Sounds” is a major release that shows off his must hear sound to the fullest. It thrives in it’s ability to make you take on the emotion of the music, while still bringing a bounce to the sound that you can rock to. Hit play now and hear the amazing sound of Kro!

Check out Kro “Sonder Sounds” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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