Halle Abadi – All Ways

Halle Abadi – All Ways

Music is something that is truly about one’s preference but there are just some records that are supreme. Those beyond amazing records, that you hit play and just take in the artistry that is on another level for us to enjoy. When you get a great tune like that one listen is never enough and this new tune from Halle Abadi called “All Ways” is one of those songs you be keeping on repeat for time to come.

Halle Abadi shines like the star she is in every way on this new incredible release called “All Ways”. The music knocks with hard 808’s that give the music it’s edge and complete the mainstream sound of the production to the fullest. With the tone set Halle marvels in delivering the writng with a sweet soulful voice, that will make you feel the music even more, as it all comes to life to make something remarkable to vibe out to.

Halle Abadi’s “All Ways” is a stand out record for a stand out artist who is set to take off in a major way. She shines like the star she is, and the glow of the sound brightens up the world, as well as bare witness to this amazing creative who will get you invested with every listen.

Check out Halle Abadi “All Ways” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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