FBG GOAT x Young Thug – Private Phones

FBG GOAT x Young Thug – Private Phones

Hip Hop serves many different purposes. All of which pushes the culture forward, but that music that is for the streets is always powerful. That music that you can play and you get engulfed in the raw energy. That music is commanding and that presence is undeniable on the new song from FBG GOAT featuring Young Thug called “Private Phones”.

FBG GOAT connects with Young Thug to give you that real on on the new song “Do Dirt Alone”. They both come extremely focused and body this hard production to perfection. The flows hit hard and is filled with engaging energy, that makes you feel the passion for the music, while the lyrics are raw and filled with conviction to make you take in to that righteous level.

FBG GOAT featuring Young Thug “Private Phones” is an undeniable record, that doesn’t waste a single second proving it’s worth to the listener. It’s exciting and powerful, while they not only show off their impressive skill set, but makes music for the people to enjoy, to bring a supreme body of work.

Check out FBG GOAT featuring Young Thug “Private Phones” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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