Sarpa Salpa – Your House

Sarpa Salpa – Your House

When hearing new music, it usually takes some time to really understand if you like it or not. As much as that is the case for most songs, there are always songs that instantly grab you with their sound. Those undeniable records that have such a shine to their sound, that it lights up your world while you fall in love with this new fresh sound you can’t get enough of. Thats what you get from Sarpa Salpa on their new song “Your House”.

Sarpa Salpa delivers a big time sound with bright lights that shines for the listener on the new song “Your House”. As soon as you hit play, you get to bare witness to their genius, with an amazing synth sound that is layered to perfection, to make sure you fall in love with every moving part. To make it even sweeter you get an amazing vocal performance that sounds like ti was meant for the music, and lets the writing be felt and heard on this song that doesn’t miss.

Sarpa Salpa’s “Your House” is the ultimate record that shows how much of an experience hearing music can be. It’s beyond a good listen, but something great to be apart of as you get lost in the sound they give to the world to enjoy. The production is on another level, the writing fits perfect, and the vocals deliver it all to a high level to make sure you fall in love with the music.

Check out Sarpa Salpa “Your House” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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