The Crown Prince – Bathing Ape

The Crown Prince – Bathing Ape

Music is always exciting when you hear an artist who is on fire. That captivating energy to them that makes you buy in to them, as they are having their way in the music. That energy makes for an experience like no other, with you being able to fan out to the high level artistry in it’s entirety. That’s what shines about this new release from The Crown Prince “Bathing Ape”

The Crown Prince delivers an instant classic over this high energy sound called “Bathing Ape”. When using the word “Classic” we always try to be careful with it, but with this record we feel it may be the best song we’ve ever covered. The production sets the ultimate tone with a high energy sound that grabs you right away, and makes you tune in to the show. The Crown Prince brings some of best rhyming you will hear from any apart of the world , with each bar shining on it’s own, and an undeniable chorus to make sure that this is a sure hit for anyone who listens.

The Crown Prince’s “Bathing Ape” is an intriguing display of music that puts the entire culture on notice of this star who won’t be denied. His pen is unmatched, and his flow bring a heavy presence that makes him impossible to ignore, on what is one of the dopest Hip Hop records you will hear come from any part of the world.

Check out The Crown Prince “Bathing Ape” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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