Tidal Wave – Eurotone

Tidal Wave – Eurotone

There’s more music out than there has ever been, but one thing that feels missing is big time music. Those captivating records, that are out of the world with an electrifying sound that feels major. Those stadium status records are the type of music that makes music most exciting to consume, and Tidal Wave brings you the best musical experience possible with their new song “Eurotone”.

Tidal Wave brings an instant classic on their brilliant record on this new release “Eurotone”. The layers to the music are beyond words, with so many special intricacies to the sound that work in a divine manner to make one royal sound, that makes a world around you come alive. To bring more life to the sound, it’s vocally masterful in rising to the occasion, and matching the big time energy of the song to deliver the lyrics just right on this release that doesn’t miss.

Tidal Wave’s “Eurotone” is a statement of a tune that rings louder than ever. The music does all the talking, and says it all with a sound like no other. The record connects in every way to make something enjoyable for the masses, as you admire every aspect of the music, on this sheer masterpiece.

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