ROMderful Featuring Pyra – Simulation

ROMderful Featuring Pyra – Simulation

Hearing an impressive record from an artist, always makes you wonder what they will do next. If they can keep the momentum going, or was it just a fluke. ROMderful shows he’s not only got a high level of talent, but that he’s going to be around for some time on his new song “Simulation” featuring Pyra.

The first time we heard ROMderful was on his song “ALIENS” an impressive record with an out of this world sound like no other, on this new release he shines even more to make you fall in love with his unique flavor on his new song “Simulation” featuring Pyra. The production is packed with an exciting creative sound, that has a nice Rock touch to it that they take full advantage of to deliver the writing that dives in to how love can either make us feel grounded or even more like life is just a game, a simulation.

ROMderful featuring Pyra “Simulation” is another genius display of music that puts the spotlight on how refreshing creative music is to hear. In a time where you can feel there’s nothing new to hear, they bring a sophisticated level of innovation to the sound, that you will want to keep exploring for time to come.

Check out ROMderful featuring Pyra “Simulation” below, as well as his new project “PLEASE RECONNECT CONTROLLER” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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