Reyanna Maria – Used 2

Reyanna Maria – Used 2

If there is anything where confidence shines through the most, it is definitely music. That energy to the music that makes you feel the swagger of the artist, as they deliver to the fullest. When you hear that undeniable touch to the music, you buy in to the artistry because they believe in their art, to the point that you do too and thats what you get from Reyanna Maria on her new infectious smash “Used 2”.

Reyanna Maria lets her smooth vocals and slick writing fly on her new song “Used 2”. Her undeniable presence shines immediately, as the swagger in her approach resonates to make you get invested early. Once she grabs you in you get to enjoy, the provocative lyrics that have the same boisterous energy of rappers, but matched with soulful vocals to being the perfect storm of must hear music for us all to enjoy.

Reyanna Maria’s “Used 2” is a fresh sound by a hot artist that is ready for the world. It’s that class of music that sounds good, but also feels even better as you are able to have fun with the artist, as they show off their star power majorly. Hit play now and enjoy this hit that is set for the stars.

Check out Reyanna Maria “Used 2” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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