HunnaV x 97Broken x 24hrs – FLY

HunnaV x 97Broken x 24hrs – FLY

Hip Hop has long been a genre that has instilled confidence in its listener. Those tunes that bring conviction to their bravado to make you a believer to the point, you take on the energy of the music. When you play those records, you always get the excitement that you’re looking for and the new collaboration from HunnaV, 24hrs, and 97BROKEN “FLY” is definitely one of those exciting hits.

HunnaV, 24hrs, and 97BROKEN come together to bring extra sauce to the game on the new song “FLY”. The cool in their approach resonates immediately, with an unapologetic confidence to their swagger that lets their star power glow to the fullest. The lyrics are filled with macho playboy content that is match made in heaven with the production that has a dark bounce to it, to bring the vision to life ever more.

HunnaV, 24hrs, and 97BROKEN “FLY” is a record that lives up to the title with an out of this world hot sound that’s must hear. In a time where every song is left up to subjectivity, they deliver an undeniable smash that stands supreme in a crowded genre, with an original flavor that can’t lost. Hit ply now and enjoy the super dope collaboration that you dont want to miss.

Check out HunnaV, 24hrs, and 97BROKEN “FLY” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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