BIIANCO Featuring Kaleena Zanders – A Resurrection of Sorts

BIIANCO Featuring Kaleena Zanders – A Resurrection of Sorts

The point of collaboration is to hear respective creative styles merge together to make one special piece of art. Being able to hear everyone shine, while they’re doing their thing to make sure the music shines to the fullest. That magic in the collaborations is what makes them so enjoyable to hear, and that spirits run free on the new release of BIIANCO’s called “Resurrection of Sorts” featuring Kaleena Zanders.

BIIANCO comes together with Kaleena Zanders for the must hear release “A Resurrection of Sorts”. The music is packed with infectious grooves that make you want to dance all night, while you get lost in the 90’s House sound that shines to the fullest. The sound is match made in heaven with Kaleena’s soulful vocals that deliver the writing to perfection to make sure they give everyone something more than they came, on this work of art full of replay value.

BIIANCO featuring Kaleena Zanders “A Resurrection of Sorts” is that ultra incredible music that allows you to be a fan of the music, with an undeniable sound that feels good to hear. The magic of music is on full bloom on this record that feels as good as it sounds, with a true soul experience resonating more and more on each listen, to make sure you won’t be able to get enough of the groove.

Check out BIIANCO Featuring Kaleena Zanders “A Resurrection of Sorts” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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