Abby T. Featuring Rodney Chrome – Legos

Abby T. Featuring Rodney Chrome – Legos

Music can be enjoyable for many different reasons, but it’s really fun when an artist is commanding in their approach. That confident energy to the music that makes you buy into their star power, that shines to the fullest to make sure we enjoy the music. Those records always bring a certain level of excitement and Abby T.’s new song “Legos” featuring Rodney Chrome is a shining example of that.

Abby T. joins forces with Rodney Chrome to bring an infectious smash that delivers on the new song “Legos”. The song is instantly engaging with a strong sound in the production, that is strong enough to carry the weight that they lay on us. Abby’s vocals are a perfect mix of R&B and Hip Hop with a soulful touch to it that feels good to hear, and delivers the writing to perfection. To take it over the top Rodney’s charismatic style shines majorly to give it more life for us all to enjoy.

Abby T. featuring Rodney Chrome “Legos” is an exciting display of music that fans everywhere can bare witness to the star power, on full display to enjoy. They embody everything a collaboration should be, as their style merge together to make one commanding sound, that is exciting to hear for every second they give us in the audio, as well as the visuals on this work of art.

Check out Abby T. featuring Rodney Chrome “Legos” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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