Vance Eris – ATHENA

Vance Eris – ATHENA

One of the most refreshing things to hear in new music is innovation. That creative approach to the sound that embodies everything it is to be new, as you get a fresh display of music that stands out from everything you’ve heard in a special way. When you get music like that, you instantly become a fan of the artist and Vance Eris will make you a true die hard with the new song “ATHENA”.

Vance Eris gives you Pop magic that you will enjoy to the fullest on the new song “ATHENA”. The appeal and beauty of the sound shine, as soon as you hit play with the feel good energy of the music doing wonders for the spirit. You get to take in every aspect and enjoy each alike, as you hear the mastery in the performance. Vocally it has a major feel that runs wild, on this big time record that will have you raving for every second.

Vance Eris “ATHENA” is a young, fresh, and new sound that makes the world a more fun vibrant place to be. It’s that music you can hit play on and immediately have your spirit lifted, as the feel good appeal to the song grabs you in to enjoy it all. if you love good music, you will definitely everything about this record.

Check out Vance Eris “ATHENA” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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