The Detours – Tell Me

The Detours – Tell Me

Music is truly in one of its best forms when it takes you on a journey. Those songs that you follow along, just as well as any visuals as you get to enjoy every element to the fullest, that takes you to the ultimate music climax with a big time sound. Those songs always stand out as big time and The Detours embody that with their new song “Tell Me”.

The Detours lets their out of this world sound shine to the fullest with their newest release “Tell Me”. The sound has the appeal of Pop, matched with the electrifying feel of Rock to make a song that truly won’t be denied. Each element works with the next to compliment each other, as you get to enjoy the slow burn of the verses that shine in the vocals, and serve up the chorus that takes this record to another stratosphere of musical genius.

The Detours “Tell Me” is an undeniable smash that the world can come together and enjoy alike. It’s stellar work in every way as the magic that music can posses, shines through in a major way. The production sets the ultimate tone, the vocals are masterful in their tone, and the writing connects it all to make it a perfect listen.

Check out The Detours “Tell Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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