Seeg – Lately I

Seeg – Lately I

People fall in love with music for many reasons. You can enjoy the sounds or just the energy of the record, but an aspect not talked about enough is the story telling aspect of music. Those perfectly crafted lyrics that are vivid in their detail, to work magic with the music to take us a journey like no other. That special type of music is what you get from Seeg on his new song “Lately I”.

Seeg shows the power of his words on the new song “Lately I”. The special thing about an acoustic approach to the sound is it allows the listener, to focus strictly on the lyrics and vocals that works in Seeg’s favor. His tone is thrives in it’s ability to make you feel the vulnerability, as the lyrics comes to life more and more with every word, with a big time build up that really takes things to supreme level.

Seeg’s “Lately I” is well written body of work that uses word perfectly to illustrate the perfect picture for us all, to take in and enjoy .It’s amazing music with an authentic touch to it that resonates with the soul, with something for music lovers everywhere, to get the more we all love to hear in new music we discover and add to our life.

Check out Seeg “Lately I” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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