Mylo Quinn Featuring Shalina – Drift

Mylo Quinn Featuring Shalina – Drift

Artists are always looking for ways to connect with the people. This can be approach in many ways, but one of the best is to be honest. That realism in the music that makes people buy into the artistry, as the true in the music resonates to the fullest. When you bring high level authenticity to the music, it always shines to the fullest and Mylo Quinn gives you that and more on the new song “Drift” featuring Shalina.

Mylo Quinn comes together with Shalina and brings a work of art filled with pure emotion on the new song “Drift”. The vulnerability in the sound is one of the many elements that grab you, as he’s masterful in bringing the emotion to life in the melancholy lyrics, to make them connect with the soul. This all takes place over his genre bending sound that he refers to as “dream pop”. Giving you a wide range of elements from genres you love, to make for a stand out sound that gets you invested in every way.

Mylo Quinn featuring Shalina “Drift” is a record that connects with the mind and soul without limits. You feel the music because you can feel him giving his all to it, to not only make sure it sounds amazing, but also gives us something filled with soul to make it a record you can go to for time to come. Hit play now and her the innovation of Mylo Quinn!

Check out Mylo Quinn featuring Shalina “Drift” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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