Geron – Wine For Me

Geron – Wine For Me

There’s so much criteria for a great record. It can be broken down in so many ways to meet ones idea for a great song, but some music is just game changing. A record that you just know is great because of the way it makes you feel before you even know why. The new song from Geron called “Wine For Me” passes every test for a must hear record.

Geron delivers body of work that will have you on the dance floor all night with the new song “Wine For Me”. Giving you just a stellar display of a R&B and Afrobeats sound that, connects in a real way.. This new record is smooth with her delivering vocals that feel just right, as she lays the amazing lyrics that you can feel, over an amazing production that makes you want to move, as you get swept up in the grooves of the sound.

Geron’s “Wine For Me”  is a must listen from beginning to end. It’s the perfect record to display his musical brilliance, with him crafting together a song that will connect to the soul. The writing is brilliant, the singing is just right, and the production brings everything full circle to make this song amazing.

Check out Geron “Wine For Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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