Deathsport – Under a White Sky

Deathsport – Under a White Sky

There’s always a great debate on if music is still innovative. If the days of artists really giving quality music are long gone. I’d like to say music is creative as it’s ever been. As simplistic and trendy as music can be, there are artists who are changing the game and really giving  some of the best quality music anyone would hear. If you need proof look no further than Deathsport with their new song “Under a White Sky”.

Deathsport bring a smash of a debut that shows off, all of their many talents with their new song “Under a White Sky”. The record is truly art that is not only audio but visual, as the track takes you into a dream world filled with color. This record is musically brilliant with the production having many layers that you find to enjoy, with each listen being as fresh as the first, and a match made in heaven with the vocals that catch you with every note.

Deathsport’s “Under a White Sky” is a record that shows the innovation music needs to keep it moving forward beyond it’s years. The production is marvelous, the lyrics are thought provoking, and the vocal performance is gold that makes this track stellar in every way, on this record that is worth every listen.

Check out Deathsport “Under a White Sky” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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