Blackway – Badman

Blackway – Badman

Some talent just can’t be denied. No matter whats your preference or what you consider to be great, some people just defy it all and have that special thing that recognizable from your first listen and beyond. That’s everything Blackway is one his new song “Badman” . 

Blackway lives up to the title and takes no prisoners on his unapologetic new release “Badman”. Blackway delivers nothing but hard lines with his high powered flow, that can rap circles around any emcee in the game right now. He has a presence that is commanding and it’s ever so present all through out this must hear release. He oozes confidence with his swagger on the mic that packs the bravado of legends, as he makes this hard production his own on it’s hot pursuit for greatness.

Blackway “Badman” is an incredible display of Hip Hop emceeing you must not go another day without hearing. He demonstrates excellence in every aspect of his game. From the exciting flow that takes you on a wild ride of excitement, hard lyrics that get you out your seat, and all delivered masterfully to makes this track a gem that shines majorly.

Check out Blackway “Badman” below and connect with him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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