Waiting 4 April – Photo Memory

Waiting 4 April – Photo Memory

In a thing as crowded as music, it’s important to stand out. Bringing music that is instantly engaging and doesn’t waste a single second, to show you that you must give all your attention to it. That is the best way to ensure you separate yourself, as a must hear talent and Waiting 4 April is truly that with their new song “Photo Memory”.

Waiting 4 April bring a brilliant sound that you must witness on the new song “Photo Memory”. The song brings many different enticing elements, that are enjoyable to take in, as each moving part plays its role to the fullest. The production is truly major with a big time sound that grabs you in, and lets you enjoy the writing and vocals even more on this one of a kind song, you will love as soon as you hear it.

Waiting 4 April’s “Photo Memory” is truly a record that gives you everything you could want and more. It brings a sound that defies subjectivity, with you being able to hear the mastery in each aspect of the song. The record is strong in it’s sound, the vocals flourish to make it’s presence felt, and the writng shines through on this great body of work.

Check out Waiting 4 April “Photo Memory” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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