Karen Harding – Sweet Vibrations

Karen Harding – Sweet Vibrations

The magic of music is a special thing. Being able to make life feel better with its presence, as we get lost in the feel good sounds of the music. That music is the type of music you keep close, as you run to it when you need that pick me up, that life can have you needing. That feel good sound is what will entice you instantly on the new song “Sweet Vibrations” from Karen Harding.

Karen Harding brings a fresh approach to a classic on the new song “Sweet Vibrations”. The major Pop sound, packed with danceable grooves shine instantly, with the energy of the music pumping to the fullest to get you excited as soon as you hear it. It not only marvels in the sound but the singing as well ,as she shows her versatility in the vocals to amen you buy in, and as well as the bring the writing to life to make sure this record connects in every way.

Karen Harding’s “Sweet Vibrations” is an amazing body of work that one listen will never be enough for. It’s where master class music, and appeal meet as the two work together to bring a masterful sound, that the world will hear and enjoy. If you love music that feels as good as it sounds, you will get everything from this record you must hear now!

Check out Karen Harding “Sweet Vibrations” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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