len – Not Around

len – Not Around

Music is most relatable when the the artist is introspective in their approach. The daring approach to the music, that shows the artist bare their soul and real life for us all to take in and relate to. That feel to the music is one fo the most soulful elements of music, as it connects with the listener in a way, that most records can’t and len delivers on of those records on her new empowering break up anthem “Not Around”.

A must hear soulful sound is what you get from len on her new song “Not Around”. The production sets the perfect tone with a nice 90’s R&B touch that you can feel in the percussion, that gives it a nice knock to it vibe to. With the tone set you are able to dive into the heartfelt writing that is delivered, with the right amount of soul and emotion at every turn, to make you not only marvel at her work but have a sure experience listening to the music to make you want to keep coming back for more.

The spirit of soul music is truly what shines about this release. People are always looking for music that they can connect on a high level, as we all look for songs that understand how we feel sometimes better than we do. It’s a master class of music that excels in every way, in its pursuit to give the listener that more we always love to hear.

Check out len “Not Around” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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