Jess Chalker – Cynical

Jess Chalker – Cynical

Something that is always enjoyable about hearing new music is a fresh sound. A sound that you hear that encompasses something being new, with you getting sounds like you’ve never heard. That is what discovering music is all about ,and that’s everything that you will love about the new fresh sound from Jess Chalker on the new song “Cynical”.

Jess Chalker shows incredible innovation to make an alt pop sound like no other on the new song “Cynical”. The music puts together different genres to make one amazing cohesive sound, that works together in perfect harmony. it’s exciting and creative, with appeal and emotion in the vocal performance to make a true masterpiece that you hope to find, when hitting play on a record for the first time.

Jess Chalker’s “Cynical” is a mega record with a sound the world will love. It bridges the gap between high level artistry, and mass appeal to put it in a class of its own of must hear music. The song gives you everything you could want and more , as well as it’s own original touch to make it a song anyone can listen to, and find a reason to love it without limits.

Check out Jess Chalker “Cynical” and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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