Gabrielle Macafee – Dance Yourself to Death!

Gabrielle Macafee – Dance Yourself to Death!

Music always has many different engaging elements that stand out for the listener, but something that will always stand out is a well written song. Those song that are brilliant in their articulation to bring a story to life, as you get invested in the depth in the lyrics. Those records always have a timeless feel to them, and Gabrielle Macafee’s “Dance Yourself to Death!” is in that class of music.

Gabrielle Macafee delivers Pop masterpiece that shows the magic in the genre on her new song “Dance Yourself to Death!”. The music packs major appeal in the sound, with a digestible feel to the music that you can hear and know it’s set to travel far. To take it over the top you get to hear her incredible vocals that shines to the fullest, as she sounds like a sure star, while bring relentless in her approach to make sure we feel the writing at every turn, on this major release.

Gabrielle Macafee’s “Dance Yourself to Death!” is a record that the music truly does all of the talking, with a loud statement coming from a stellar artist, you must become familiar with. The artistry thrives in a special way to show her talent in making hits, and her presence is commanding to make sure we enjoy this sure fire hit.

Check out Gabrielle Macafee “Dance Yourself to Death!” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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