God Body Bingo – H44DRICH

God Body Bingo – H44DRICH

Hip Hop is a genre that fans love to hear an artist be unapologetic in their approach. That cocky energy to the music that resonates, while they sell themselves as stars, and you buy into their major talent. That approach always make for an exciting listen, and excitement is what God Body Bingo brings on his new song “H44DRICH”.

God Body Bingo steps up and delivers must hear work on the new song “H44DRICH”. As soon as he lays into the track, he makes his presence felt with a commanding approach to his style that shines to the fullest. The flow is relentless and the delivery is packed with conviction, to bring the hard rhyming to life for us all to feel.

God Body Bingo’s “H44DRICH” is a masterpiece that gives you everything to a stand out level. The writing is sharp, the flow thrives in the flex in it, and the production knocks to make it all connect to perfection.

Check out God Body Bingo “H44DRICH” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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