Tee Nu x 2Tymes – Hmg Talk 1

Tee Nu x 2Tymes – Hmg Talk 1

If there’s any genre of music that the people have seen grow its Hip Hop. A genre started in the streets of South Bronx, New York, to becoming this worldwide phenomenon like no other. You went from only hearing Hip Hop from one area, to now you can hear major flavor coming from any part of the world, with sounds that are beyond impressive. Mississippi’s own Tee Nu and 2Tymes is the perfect example of that appeal on their new song “Hmg Talk 1”.

Tee Nu and 2Tymes bring undeniable lyricism and presence on the new song “Hmg Talk 1”. They bring so much flair in one record, that it all stands out as high quality. The production knocks to the fullest with strong bass that knocks for them to shine over majorly. The flows are exciting for every second with a commanding charisma to their style that makes you buy in, while their lyrics are packed with raw content to keep you engaged, and amazed at their artistry

Tee Nu and 2Tymes “Hmg Talk 1” is the super dope Hip Hop that you can play for anyone and they will love. Their supreme talent makes them defy the subjectivity of music, with each element of the song shining to the fullest to give the people all they could want and more. If you want to hear a special record that pushes the culture forward majorly, then hit play now and enjoy this incredible record from this brother duo.

Check out Tee Nu and 2Tymes “Hmg Talk 1” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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