kid apollo – lose yourself.

kid apollo – lose yourself.

Music is comparative to life in many ways. Everything being so fast present day, it takes a lot to make you slow down, including in music. It takes something really special to slow time for you, and kid apollo makes you slow down and take in the vibes on this new release “lose yourself.”.

A Lo-fi R&B sound matched with brilliant story telling is what you get from kid apollo on their new song “lose yourself.”. The music is smooth and flows well with a sound that leaves your body stuck, but makes your mind follow along with the story as it all unfolds in front of you. The vocal performance helps it all come to life, as you are able to hear the vulnerability in the tone, to make are you feel the music just as well as you hear it.

This latest effort from kid apollo is the perfect record full of vibes to show off their high level of musical skills to the fullest. The vocal performance is amazing in its tone , the songwriting is well crafted and the production is a vibe that truly makes this record beyond music, but just sheer art for the world to enjoy.

Check out kid apollo “lose yourself.” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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