LOVIET – Picture

LOVIET – Picture

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to have an even better week. To kick off the week we always bring those undeniable records, that we know can pick up even the slowest Monday’s. Those tunes are only available to us when, major talent comes our way to give the people what they need, and LOVIET’s new record “Picture” is one of those must hear records.

LOVIET delivers an incredible Electro Pop ballad you must hear on the new song “Picture”. The music is filled with emotion that resonates in every way. The production brings a nice wave touch to the sound, that progresses just right, as well as show off her signature sound that shines through even more in the chorus. Her ability to convey the right amount of vulnerability when needed, works wonders to give you that extra touch of soul, that makes you feel the writing that is daring in its articulation.

LOVIET’s “Picture” is the perfect record that shows the magic music has when everything works together in perfect harmony to bring a vision to life. From the music to the visuals, everything plays its part to make a masterpiece that you will able to make a pure connection with it. If you great music you will have infinite reasons to enjoy this special record.

Check out LOVIET “Picture” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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