seeyousoon – DEPLETED!

seeyousoon – DEPLETED!

As subjective as music can be, with the wide variety of sounds at our disposal, you know an undeniable talent when you hear one. That high level of skill that bursts out the seams of the speakers, that leave you in awe and amazement, as you bare witness to something that is truly beyond words. That mega level of talent is what you get from seeyousoon on their new song “Sage The Room”.

A flawless exciting body of work is what you from from seeyousoon on their new song “DEPLETED!”. As soon as you hit play his presence is supreme, with his energy speaking to your soul with an unapologetic delivery to his rhymes that make you feel every word he speaks. The flow is relentless in it’s approach to push the song forward to it’s rightful destination, over this production packed with knocking 808’s to bring you a record that doesn’t leave any facet of the craft up for debate.

This fresh release is a that special type of audio that reminds you of why you fell in love with music. They marvel in making beyond great music, but he also shines like a one of a kind star in the visuals to bring you a full picture masterpiece to life, on what is a thrilling experience of music to be apart of.

Check out seeyousoon “DEPLETED!” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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