Brother Bird- doomsday

Brother Bird- doomsday

Artist more than ever have a lot to compete with. So many different sounds and trends releasing daily, that is competing for the consumers attention. To stand apart an artist has to have a unique sound that, stands out in a major way. Those innovative approaches to the music that makes it sound like a new world. Thats what you get from Brother Bird on the new song “doomsday”.

Brother Bird delivers an amazing sound matched with brilliant writing on the new song “doomsday”. The song takes you on a journey with the production being layered to perfection, that progresses well to rally paint this picture perfect. The vocals grab your attention right away, with a sweet masterful tone that conveys emotion well to help deliver each line, with the right amount of intensity to make you feel every word, as it takes on the paranoia of things going great, and waiting for it to end to make it relatable for the masses.

Brother Bird’s “doomsday” is a special tune that truly hits the mark to give you everything This timeless work of audio, goes beyond just great music but a heartfelt art piece that people will be able to enjoy. Everything you need and could want from a record is right here for you to enjoy without limits, as you are able to take in music that you can enjoy and feel.

Check out Brother Bird “doomsday” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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