Myriam Adams x Rajan Marwaha – Moshpit

Myriam Adams x Rajan Marwaha – Moshpit

Music is truly at it’s best when you can explore the sound. When an artist is expressive in their approach to bring a stand out sound for us all to hear. That type of music is always engaging as you not only get to enjoy a nice song, but make a connection with the artistry in it’s purest form. That’s what you get from Myriam Adams and Rajan Marwaha on their new exciting record “Moshpit”.

Myriam Adams and Rajan Marwaha come together to bring the exciting new smash “Moshpit”. The music wastes little time getting you invested with a fun high energy sound in the production, that is layered and builds well with a perfect blend of Emo, Rock, and Pop. The vocal approach is commanding with a high energy tone that has a raw touch to it, that makes the emotion shine through to the fullest, as they bring the writing to life on this one of a kind piece of audio they give to the world.

Myriam Adams and Rajan Marwaha “Moshpit” is a record packed with innovation and creativity to make for a thrilling experience to be apart of. It’s a daring record that encompasses the art that is in music, with a special sound that stands out from other sounds today, to make it stick with you even more. If you love good music or looking to have fun hearing new tunes, then hit play on this jam now!

Check out Myriam Adams and Rajan Marwaha “Moshpit” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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