Berel – After All

Berel – After All

Music can be enjoyable for countless reasons. So many different things coming together in a special way to make something that sounds good, but music is even better when you get to enjoy that flavor in it. That special sauce to it that makes you really feel the sounds thats coming out your speakers, as you pay witness to the vibe created. That’s what you get from Berel on his new song “After All”.

Berel makes one of the coolest songs you will hear on his new song “After All”. When using the world cool we don’t mean something trendy, but something that just has that glow to it, that when you hear it everything is all good. The music brings smooth soul feel, that has a classic warm touch to it, that lets the vocals slide off of it with ease, you are able to take in the lyrics just right, on this record that you hope never ends.

Berel’s “After All” is a must hear jam that you can vibe out to with every listen. It’s music you can play and not think, but just go on the journey the music takes you. Every part is played to perfection, and makes for an incredible listen from this song that sounds so good, that feels good to hear as well.

Check out Berel “After All” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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