Nora Lilith – Wake

Nora Lilith – Wake

Nothing becomes routine quite like hearing music. Being something that we consume so much of daily, it’s easy to forget why you are a fan, but a special record always reminds of us of why we love music. Those type of songs are what makes life more enjoyable, and Nora Lilith’s new song “Wake” is the perfect reminder of why we all love finding music.

Nora Lilith brings a sound that will have you walking on clouds on the new song “Wake”. The record is intriguing right away, with a stand out sound, like you’ve never heard. As soon as you hit play you’re hooked with a creative alluring sound that takes you away, to enjoy her vocals to the fullest, to make a record thats so refreshing to hear you’ll be coming back for more instantly.

Nora Lilith’s “Wake” is a creative work of art that captures the true magic of music. It’s doesn’t follow any trend or guidelines, and uses that to it’s full advantage to make something stand out you will love. It excels in every in the music as each element compliments the next, on this record with unlimited replay value for the world to enjoy.

Check out Nora Lilith “Wake” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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