RE-PLXY – One More

RE-PLXY – One More

Finding a new song to hear, is a task that gets simpler by the day. Daily there are fresh releases by many artists, that vie for the attention of the masses, but something that is hard to find are songs that are so amazing, you are taken back by the music. Those special tunes that slow down for you, as you give it your full attention because you know what you’re hearing, is next level work. That is what you get from RE-PLXY on his new song “One More”.

RE-PLXY brings his many talents together to make one smash of a sound on the new song “One More”. The Afrobeat vibes of the sound set the perfect tone, as you get to feel each passing groove to the fullest to make you get invested in the record immediately. With the tone set RE-PLXY marvels in his vocals, with a tone that is mastered in it’s ability, to make you feel the emotion of the record, to take in the vibes that make the music feel just as good as it sounds.

RE-PLXY’s “One More” is an impressive body of work that is stellar in every way. In a time where music can feel like it lacks depth, he’s able to bring you music that gives you the more you’re looking for majorly. The production is layered to perfection, vocally it floats all over the sounds, and the writing play it’s part just right, to make something that you will enjoy more with each listen.

Check out RE-PLXY “One More” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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