Artist Spotlight: The Babylon Club

Artist Spotlight: The Babylon Club

In Hip Hop music there is no relationship greater than the producer and rapper. That chemistry necessary to make dope music, as the producer laces the sound to perfection, that the artist brings the vision to life over. Since the beginning the right collaborations between the two, have sculpted Hip Hop history with some of the greatest records ever, being crafted by the right pair. The Babylon Club consisting of Popalardo on the boards, and Ois4 OMARI on the rhymes, follows in that tradition to make must hear music.

The Babylon Club marvels in many ways, including the group name that makes you want to hear what they have to offer, and once you hit play. you get to hear their amazing creative sound. The combination of Ois4 OMARI’s unorthodox rhyming matched with infectious charisma, and Popalardo’s soul sample sound is the perfect marriage of their styles, as they come together to make one cohesive sound that flourishes in it’s originality.

You get to hear their sound on full bloom on their new EP “Welcome to Fertile Crescent”. A five track project that has a wide range of sounds, and creative concepts to dive into, that you will keep wanting to hear more of, with stand out tracks like “Texas Two Step” and “To Live and Die in LA” that showcases their must hear sound to the fullest.

Check out The Babylon Club “Welcome to Fertile Crescent’ below and follow them on Instagram (Ois4 OMARI/ Popalardo). Stay Global my Friends!

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