Spun Mellow – Lemonade

Spun Mellow – Lemonade

Music is always exciting when you hear the magic in it. Those amazing records that come together in such a special way, that it feels divine and meant to be as each element plays off the next, to make something that shines to the fullest. That special type of sound is what shines on the new refreshing release from Spun Mellow called “Lemonade”

Spun Mellow gives you everything to make a sure hit on his new song “Lemonade”. The sound is packed with appeal that bursts out your speakers, with a big time sound in the production that sounds ready for the world, that he takes full advantage of. The writing is strong and catchy with well crafted verses, that leads to the amazing chorus to connect it all together. He doesn’t only marvel there, but vocally he’s amazing and has a mastered tone that makes his presence commanding for every second of this hit record that serves up for the people to enjoy.

Spun Mellow’s “Lemonade” is an incredible record that shows the power of a big time record. With music being as subjective as it’s ever been, he brings a ultra level of talent to bring people together, to enjoy this one amazing record that you can’t go without. If you love good music, then you will love everything about this new mega jam.

Check out Spun Mellow “Lemonade” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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