Gino Holroyd – Peer Pressure

Gino Holroyd – Peer Pressure

Music is really enjoyable when an artist has flavor to the music. That special sauce to it that makes you feel the vibes of music in your soul, that feels good to take in. That type of music is always a joy to listen to, as you not only get something that sounds good, but something that just makes things all good while you hear it. That type of smooth sound is what you get from Gino Holroyd on his new song “Peer Pressure”.

Gino Holroyd brings a super cool sound with deep writing on the new song “Peer Pressure”. The sound is super smooth, and has cool to it that makes you take in the vibes in a major way, as the soul in the music moves you. Once you fall in love with the sound, you get to really dive into the writing filled with substance, as he masterful takes on the pressure of the world, with his funky vocal approach to make it all come together in the best way possible, on this must hear jam.

Gino Holroyd’s “Peer Pressure” is truly a stellar record that gives the listener all they could want and more. It brings a great sound that you can feel, with a great singing tone packed with flavor and confidence, necessary to bring the writing to life, that is filled with gems to give the listener more than they came with. If you love good music, you will love the amazing sound of Gino Holroyd.

Check out Gino Holroyd “Peer Pressure” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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