Skylar Lee – Roman Holiday

Skylar Lee – Roman Holiday

Music really goes far when it is able to bridge the gap between making music full of appeal for the world to hear, as well as making something relatable for people to feel it. That type of music can be considered perfect, because it truly hits every mark to make something that stands out for the world to enjoy. Skylar Lee brings that type of music on her new song “Roman Holiday”.

Skylar Lee brings this love story to life on the new song “Roman Holiday”. The record thrives in every way possible to bring you magic like no other. It takes on finding refuge in love to make it relatable for us all, but the mastery in the vocal tone is what makes you take on the emotion in the record in a real way. To take it over the top she does this all over a big time production to make it a true masterpiece that you will be thankful to be apart of.

Skylar Lee “Roman Holiday” is a true work of art that shows the connection music can still have with the listener. It excels in the music to an undeniable level to make it a great listen, but the magic and emotion put in the record is what makes you want to listen and share this record for a lifetime.

Check out Skylar Lee “Roman Holiday” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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