Leon Ross x Dejuan Turrentine – I Knew

Leon Ross x Dejuan Turrentine – I Knew

Music that always resonates is music that has that soul to it. That music you listen to and can hear the artist giving their all into the music, as they deliver their message in a real way. It’s that approach to the music, that makes people not only feel the music, but build a connection to the artist as well, as you get invested in the authenticity they display. That feel is what you will love about Leon Ross on his new song “I Knew” featuring Dejuan Turrentine.

Leon Ross and Dejuan Turrentine come together to give you the real on the new song “I Knew”. He brings a raw powerful sound that he delivers masterfully. His knack for conveying emotion is what sells this song to the fullest, with a certain level of pain to the sound that you feel, in your chest as he delivers the deep writing exactly how it should be heard. It all takes place over a production with a big cinematic feel that helps the story progress in a major way.

Leon Ross featuring Dejuan Turrentine “I Knew” is that music that dares to give the people the more they need in music. It’s filled with substance that you can feel, with conviction to the sound that resonates majorly, to get you invested into the artistry, as well as the people behind the music. Hit play now and enjoy the commanding sound they provide.

Check out Leon Ross featuring Dejuan Turrentine “I Knew” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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