1-800-RUDEBOY – Showtime

1-800-RUDEBOY – Showtime

Now more than ever, we are seeing multi talented creatives emerge with must hear music. Those artists who do everything that you hear in the music from the production, writing, to vocals. Everything it takes to make an amazing sound is what they give you, and 1-800-RUDEBOY is a shining example of this new wave with his new must hear release “Showtime”.

1-800-RUDEBOY lives up to the title for his new release “Showtime”. The music has ready for the world feel that you hear the ambition is, as he gives his all to the music in every way to make sure it all knocks just right. His presence is felt all over with a strong vocal performance that is commanding, over this engaging production packed with knocking 808’s, that let the writing shine to the fullest.

1-800-RUDEBOY’s “Showtime” is a stellar release that shows he’s the real deal. All of his talents are on full bloom for us to enjoy, with every aspect of it coming together to bring something undeniable and full of replay value. He sounds like a sure star, and he shines like one for every second to make sure he stands out, as one of the most promising creatives out there.

Check out 1-800-RUDEBOY “Showtime” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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