Taylor Swift – My Tears Ricochet (Ultraviolet DJ’s Remix)

Taylor Swift – My Tears Ricochet (Ultraviolet DJ’s Remix)

To remix a song is to give it new life. Giving a special twist to music that people love, to show them all the possible ways the song, can be changed yet still enjoyable as the original work. Those remixes are the ones that shine through, as they make you feel in love with the music even more and Ultraviolet DJ’s accomplish that with their Ultraviolet remix of Taylor Swift’s “My Tears Ricochet”.

Ultraviolet DJ’s bring an out of this world synth sound to Taylor Swift’s “My Tears Ricochet”. The sound is the perfect touch of Folklore to make one brilliant sound you can get lost in. As soon as you hit play you see the bright lights from the sound, that feel good to the spirit as you take in the creative flip of the vocals, to fit the sound perfectly, as you are able to digest the writing in a whole new way, to let the creativity shine through.

Ultraviolet DJ’s fresh remix of “My Tears Ricochet” is music innovation at it’s finest. It encompasses everything a remix should be, with a next level sound that makes you enjoy everything that much more. It’s layered to perfection with each element playing it’s part to the fullest, to bring this out of this world sound to life that you must hear now!

Check out Taylor Swift “My Tears Ricochet (Ultraviolet DJ’s Remix)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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