Passport Rav – Stock Market

Passport Rav – Stock Market

There is no shortage of artists to enjoy, So many different creatives crafting sounds for us all to enjoy, but even with so many artists out there, we still have our favorites. Those special artist who are truly the definition of the word, as they show case supreme skill that puts them on another level, than the rest. One of our favorites is Passport Rav. An emcee who is beyond words with his latest release “Stock Market” being the perfect display of his luxurious rhyme style.

Passport Rav delivers a master class of emceeing on his new song “Stock Market” produced by Sebb Bash. The rhymes and production are in perfect harmony as they each play off of each other, to bring one brilliant sound. Rav is more focused than ever, with his rhyming being fine wine, as his fluid flow bends waves to deliver his intricate writing, that brings elite level penmanship to bring this story to life for the listener.

Passport Rav’s “Stock Market” is the type of record you can play for someone that wants to know what Hip hop is all about, and know confidentially that they will understand the full scope listing to this record. Everything about is master class and delivers in every way to ensure, he feeds the people what they need. Lyrically its on another plateau, the flow is more powerful than ever, and the production sets the scene perfectly for the music to come to life for us all to enjoy.

Check out Passport Rav “Stock Market” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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