Ethos 33 – Small Hallway

Ethos 33 – Small Hallway

Over the last few years we’ve seen a resurgence of sounds. People looking for timeless music that they can feel and vibe to. A style of music that always hits that mark is music with that Funk to it. That music that does wonders to the spirit, as it takes over the body and gets you invested in artistry in a real way. That sound is what shines on Ethos 33’s new release “Small Hallway”.

Ethos 33 brings a funky sound laced in flavor on the new song “Small Hallway”. The music has a creativity to it stand out that differentiates from the average song you hear present day, but if it was compared to any sound then it would definitely be Sly and the Family Stone. The bass and guitar setting the tone, for the layers deep in the music that progress perfectly, to bring this story to life as each element from the writing to music, take you on a journey that lets the mind run free.

Ethos 33’s “Small Hallway” is a record filled with endless vibes that capture the soul music is known for. In a time where everyone is looking for the music with the best vibes, this one shines bright with undeniable grooves and artistry that make you feel the music, as you get lost in the masterful story telling being brought to life for us all to enjoy.

Check out Ethos 33 “Small Hallway” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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