Petticoat – Singing in The Dark

Petticoat – Singing in The Dark

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to bring in the week with fresh vibes. To kick off the week we know excellence is a must to set the right tone. Those undeniable hits that we are sure can brighten everyone’s week. That type of music is what we aim for and Petticoat hits the mark with the new song “Singing In The Dark”.

Petticoat brings a must hear synth Pop smash on his new song “Singing In The Dark”. The music hits you right away, with a major sound in the production that is packed with bright lights, to get you lost in the waves of the music. Once the sound grabs you, the singing takes you away with it’s masterful tone that conveys the right amount of emotion at every turn, to make you sure you feel every part of this record to the fullest.

Petticoat’s “Singing In The Dark” is high level appeal, and supreme artistry to make a must hear hit. Every element plays its part to the fullest to make the music sound like a smash, that the world will know. The music feels as good as it sounds, with the bright feel of the record shining through on this tune that you will want to keep hearing for time to come.

Check out Petticoat “Singing in The Dark” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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