Snowy – Sezzin

Snowy – Sezzin

An artist who has conviction to their approach always stands out. When they have that believability to them that makes you buy into their artistry majorly, as you believe they’re the real deal just as much as they do, due to their commanding presence to them that you know can’t be faked for a second. That type of energy is what resonates most about Snowy’s new song “Sezzin”.

Snowy delivers with supreme flex on his new must hear record “Sezzin”. This record is filled with excitement at every turn with, a high energy sound that makes you listen. His presence is felt right away with a charisma to him that’s admirable and enjoyable, while his slick writing being delivered by his impressive flow that makes everything he says sound like gold on this record full of major flavor.

Snowys “Sezzin” is an undeniable body of work that delivers in the music and visuals alike. Everything about this release is big time, with his star power shining through for us all to enjoy. The production knocks to set the strongest tone possible, his flow has incredible swagger you can enjoy, and lyrically he takes it to another level to put the culture on notice, on this must hear talent.

Check out Snowy “Sezzin” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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