LG (Team Genius) – Drippin

LG (Team Genius) – Drippin

Hip Hop is more than a genre but a culture, as well as a way of life. Something that since the beginning has brought people together, to enjoy this creative work of art. From emceeing, Djing, and dancing it all is way of bringing life to the culture and the people in it. LG (Team Genius) brings a record that embodies that with her new song “Drippin”.

LG (Team Genius) gives the perfect ode to Hip Hop on her new song “Drippin”. The production brings a fun sound full of bounce that sets the ultimate tone for you to want to move. Once you get invested in the sound, LG delivers majorly to make her presence felt. She is commanding as he confidence on the mic is undeniable, as she delivers with the ultimate conviction with her fly lines that give it up for the culture, as well as give it her up for her master pen that is on full display.

LG (Team Genius) “Drippin” is must hear music that brings the emceeing for purists to love, but also has a global appeal to it that makes it stand out a hit, anyone who listens to it can enjoy. Her emceeing is super on point as her talent reigns supreme in every facet of her craft, to make sure we enjoy every second of it. It delivers in the audio, and even more in the visuals as you get a full scope of entertainment, that showcases this star to the fullest.

Check out LG (Team Genius) below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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