spill tab Featuring JAWNY – GRADE A

spill tab Featuring JAWNY – GRADE A

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to have a great weekend. To kick off the weekend it’s standard and a must that we bring those big time records, that we know can be heard by anyone and enjoyed for the work of art that it is. That type of music that defines subjectivity isn’t always easy to come across, since it’s a hard task finding music that you know, will satisfy the masses but this new collaboration from spill tab and JAWNY definitely does on the new release “GRADE A”.

The amazing sound of spill tab continues to shine with his latest release “GRADE A’ featuring JAWNY. The trip hop approach to the music set the perfect tone, with the driving percussion pushing things forward in a major way. The sound brings an engaging creativity to it, that JAWNY’s vocals shine to the fullest on with a unique tone that helps he stand out in the best way, to help the writing to life on this masterpiece.

Everything a collaboration should is what you hear on “GRADE A”. Two great talents coming together to put their all in to one song, that gives more life to the culture. They both excel musically with everything that you love from them, but also bring a fresh approach to the music that makes it a stand out record to the fullest.

Check out spill tab featuring JAWNY “GRADE A” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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