PHNTMS – Paper Flowers

PHNTMS – Paper Flowers

A lot of music comes out daily, but something always makes it fun is big time releases. Those songs that stand out superior, as you hear something that you know can’t be done by just anyone. You hear the mastery in it and you know this something supreme you’re taking witness to, and thats what you get from PHNTMS on the new song “Paper Flowers”.

PHNTMS delivers some of the their finest work to date on the new song “Paper Flowers”. The song delivers in every way to make something that feels good to the spirit to listen to. The production is out of this world with the perfect blend of Pop and Rock that shines through majorly in the chorus, that makes it fun to enjoy. To match the sound they bring a big time vocal performance that has an electrifying feel to it that leaves you stuck, as you take in the magic of the music you get to hear.

PHNTMS “Paper Flowers” is a song that music lovers everywhere will be able to enjoy. It truly excels in every way possible with so many engaging elements, being worth your full attention to enjoy the amazing sound they create. It’s a true work of art musically that has a global appeal that will take it far, to make sure the world hears this work of art.

Check out PHNTMS “Paper Flowers” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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